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a new round of rural reform started three years of pre cast billion

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in upgrading the rural power grid renovation held a national energy bureau of the conference, the national energy bureau said zhang guobao will start a new three year round rural power grid upgrading. the estimated investment scale of three years will exceed 200000000000.

a new round of rural reform goal is the transformation of rural power network through 3 years of upgrading project construction, so that there is no place basic transformation of rural power grid renovation before, and solve the problem of rural power supply capacity of the lack of new.

through 12 years of rural "two change", "national rural electric change greatly, rural power grid structure was enhanced, the rural electricity prices significantly lower. but with the implementation of the "a series of measures to expand domestic demand, such as home appliances to the countryside" to start the rural consumption, rural electricity load and power consumption of rapid growth, the lag of rural power grid structure is weak and power construction problems begin to emerge, without electricity, sichuan, yunnan, inner mongolia, xinjiang and other western regions problems.

there are still 530 through the electric chinese population, at the same time there are still 1/3 provinces could not be achieved in rural and urban electricity price. it is reported, in the next three years, countries will be the annual investment of not less than 12000000000 yuan of capital, a new round of rural reform and upgrading is expected to bring 200000000000 yuan of investment.

in 1998 june, china launched the first rural power grid renovation work. so far a total arrangement of the rural power grid construction and transformation of the area without electricity power construction investment 462200000000 yuan, of which 92300000000 yuan of treasury bonds, 366600000000 yuan of bank loans, equity fund 3300000000 yuan. the last round of rural reform, the proportion of investment is approximately 80% loans and 20% national capital investment. (source: china energy network)

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